Buying and selling currencies

The bank provides 24/7 currency exchange service for its Egyptian and foreign customers

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  • HDB is a team of professionals with experience in the market Local and international who provide all services related to business Cabinet with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency with the selection of the best solutions The appropriate financial position for each of the bank’s customers, through a network of branches The bank is spread in most governorates of the Republic.

Financial Transactions Room Services

    Instant exchange of foreign currencies
  • The bank provides a 24/7 currency exchange service Hours in bank branches and also through the number of ATMs in the regions Tourist cities buy and sell foreign currencies against the Egyptian pound and other foreign currencies at competitive prices within two working days from the date of transaction
  • Foreign exchange forward exchange
  • Buying and selling foreign currencies against the Egyptian pound and foreign currencies The other at a pre-determined future date and at an agreed price
  • Currency exchange transactions

    This type of transaction spares customers the risk of changing foreign exchange rates

  • These transactions are based on a combination of spot and forward exchange (and vice versa) at the same time and thus customers can convert from currency to another and then reverse the transaction later without being exposed to the risk of a price change foreign currency

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