Ongoing Charity Certificates

We offer you the opportunity to spend part of your money to current charities through secure and legitimate channels, under our full responsibility.

  • This product is claimed for benefit charity institutions.
  • Three years certificates and five years certificates are effective from the date of issuance.
  • Secured facilities up to 80%.
Certificate Type Product Duration Applicable Yield Frequency Return Price Minimum Balance of Interest
For Individuals 3 Years Quarterly 9,50% 500 Egyptian Pounds and its Doubles
For Individuals 5 Years Quarterly 7% 500 Egyptian Pounds and its Doubles
Certificate Type
Redemption Year After Redemption Discount
3 Years
Year 1 4%
Year 2 3%
Year 3 1,5%
5 Years
Year 1 5%
Year 2 4%
Year 3 3%
Year 4 2%
Year 5 1%

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