Three years accumulative
certificate of deposit

Enjoy the various advantages by issuing a three-year accumulated certificate of deposit.

  • A certificate of deposit, with a three-year tenor.
  • A tailor-made product for those who want to invest more now to meet their future obligations.
  • Enjoy a compounded annual interest rate of 11.85%, capitalized annually on your CD’s initial amount, then to be wholly credited to your account at 140% maturity.
  • Enjoy the option to either borrow or issue a credit card up to 90% of your certificate’s amount.
  • Have the option to redeem your certificate after 6 months from its issuing date with the following redemption rates
Interest Payment Frequency
7,75% Monthly (Corridor – 0.50%)
8% Quarterly (Corridor - 0.25%)
8,25%/td> Semi Annually = Corridor
Redemption Rate Tenor
4% Year 1
3% Year 2
1,5% Year 3

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