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Collection of Housing Loans Installments

  • Just choose the way and you will be able to repay 24/7.
  • Cash repayment is available through ATM cash deposit facility, no need for ATM Card.
  • Cash repayment is also available through our branch network all over the country.
  • You can also use the standing instructions at your branch to repay by deduction from your current or saving account on the instalment due date.
  • You can even repay at your home to the bank agent using the MTM machine. The agent will then give you a certified receipt for repayment confirmation.  
  • Electronic repayment is also available by using the ATM cards of any other member bank in 123 networks. The instalment will be discounted from your card account through the ATM machines, KIOSK screens in some branches or MTM machines in some branches.