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The Housing & Development Bank inaugurated its second branch in Badr City near the Russian University in completion to the chain of persistent inaugurations that the bank is witnessing during this period which was preceded during the last year by inaugurating a large number of branches in the different governorates of Egypt within the framework of the aspiration of the Housing & Development Bank to satisfy all requirements of its customers and to be always the nearest to them.


The coming phase will witness several geographic expansions to keep pace with the successive developments in the banking market and to consolidate the position of the bank among local banks.


It is worth mentioning that the Housing & Development Bank has been providing its services to the residents of Badr City since 2005 via its first branch that is located behind Badr City Agency.


During 2016 the bank witnessed a technological leap via developing the work mechanisms, linking all branches of the bank online and providing them with all modern fittings that guarantee a distinguished level of service endeavoring to save the time of the customer and enable him to deal with his accounts at any of the bank’s branches.


The inauguration of Badr Branch comes simultaneous with launching the residential projects in the New Administrative City to provide its services to contractors, people reserving units, workers and employees of the New Administrative City plus the inhabitants of Badr City.