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General Terms & Characteristics For Granting Personal Loans

– Loans could be granted to workers “employees” of the State sectors and agencies (civil servants) and any other institutions that the bank accepts as well as pensioners and holders of free professions and businessmen.

– The finance is granted without conditioning a minimum for the value of the loan. The minimum net income of the borrower it is not conditioned for granting this finance.

– The maximum value of the finance is determined in light of the net income. The installment is calculated at the rate of 35% of the total monthly income after deducting taxes and insurance. Real estate finance loans are excepted to become 40% of the monthly income.

– Any of the following settlement sources could be accepted : Transfer of salary/pension/installment/ annual revenues resulting from the practice of  business/any other sources of settlement that the bank accepts that are documentarily supported or inquired about).

– Different settlement terms : Starting from one year to a term of 10 years (according to nature of finance program, in light of nature of business of the borrower and his business entity and the possibility that the entity would transfer the salary to the bank).


The customer shall submit the following documents evidencing the identity and the financial and job status :

1. National no. card

2. Gas, electricity or telephone receipt

3. Residence lease or property contract

4. Authenticated statement of salary particulars

5. Approval to transfer the salary, pension or installment in case the bank requests the foregoing.

– Regarding businessmen or holders of free

professions :

1. Commercial Register.

2. Certificate of income from chartered accountant.

3. Whatever attests the tax position.