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Pilgrimage & Minor Pilgrimage Saving Account

  • Open account at the minimum of EGP 1,000.
  • For individuals only.
  • Annual interest of (3.25%) calculated on the lowest balance per month that credited to the account twice every year (30 June & 31 December).
  • Interest on balance may not be charged (depending on client request). Instead, some in-kind benefits are to be replaced by. Within a value not exceeding to interest return.
  • Client with open account since at least 6 months may have favor of wining at periodic draw on a lot prizes for performing (Haij & Omra), in case account balance has not been reduced below (EGP1000) along last six months , thus client has chance to win as multiplied times as how the minimum balance to be existing at account.
  • If periodic draw of lots prizes time is not compatible to Clint’s personal circumstances, client may assign another person according to his own sight, or to postpone the trip to the following season.
  • In case of not winning, the customer may make the trip at his own account, however good discounts will be offered by the nominated companies, for HDB clients’ favor.
– Valid national ID

– Valid passport for Resident foreigners

-Recent utility bill as proof of residence (Electricity bill – water bill – landline telephone bill – gass bill)

– Work verification documents

– Tax card for self-employed

minimu amount for housing saving account opening 500 Egyptian pounds or its equivalent in foreign currencies incase of the balance falls below the minimum amount allowed, monthly expenses of 10 pounds per month will be obtained.
account opening fees 60LE
annual fees 40 pounds per year on the due date of interest, or upon closing at any time during the year, whichever is sooner