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HDB Net – Internet Banking Service

HDB Net service from HD Bank

Comprehensive online banking services

Provides more than 15 banking services designed to fit your lifestyle

Guide to login and use HDB Net Service 

HDB Net benefits

check your accounts balances

Customers can now view the different account balances and view the loan balance and savings vouchers

Loan and indebtedness inquiry service

Export account transactions

Money transfer

Customers can transfer funds between their own accounts in the HDB

Loan settlement

customers can pay for personal loan installments

Mortgage loan settlement

Customers can obtain a housing loan for housing units

Apply for a credit card

Through the service of activating the request to obtain a credit card, the customer can apply through

this service

Apply for a direct debit card

Customers can apply for a direct debit card through this service.

Apply for a loan

This service allows customers to apply for a personal

loan for all bank customers

Apply for a loan refinance

Through this service, the customer can apply to the bank if the customer wants to refinance his personal loan

Apply for a credit facility

Customers will be able to apply for a credit guarantee with his guarantee

Apply for a Cheque book

Customers will be able to request a check book

Multiple notifications

HDB bank will be able to inform clients of multiple notifications within the banking internet,

such as the notification of changing the password for the banking internet, and notifications regarding

the status of multiple requests that the customer makes on the Internet banking service HDB NET

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