• A program designed for the “Early Retirement Pensioners” as well as those “retried before reaching the legal age”, provided that the age of the client will not exceed 65 years by the end of the finance term.
  • This loan is granted without conditioning a minimum for the value of finance requested.
  • The loan’s maximum value could be granted is determined in considering the value of the monthly pension and any other income documented to the bank, provided observing the term of settlement and the rate of deduction from the income determined according to the following program
  • It shall be observed that the maximum rate of deduction from the pensions should not exceed 35%.
  • The maximum term for settling the loan is 7 years.

Required documents:

  • 1. National No. card
  • 2. Recent utility receipt (residence lease or property contract/gas, electricity, or telephone bill).
  • 3. Authenticated statement of monthly pension particulars and the approval to transfer the borrower’s pension; observing that it would be issued by the paying entity stamped with its seal.

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