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Breif of product

The Certificate of deposit aims to provide customers with the opportunity to spend

part of their money for current charity through secure and legitimate channels

Under the responsibility of the bank The bank is authorized to use its own income to finance charitable works as a kind of Alms (the amount of the original certificate or the periodic return of the proceeds may be disclaimed in case of his death, God unwilling)

Charities that may be eligible to be funded by the certificate: (Orphan sponsorship / therapeutic institutions / educational institutes / food bank) / programs for the care of the elderly / institutions that care for children with disabilities orphans, etc.).

The duration of the certificate (three years) and) five years) and effective from the date of purchase.

A fixed annual rate of return that is to be paid as of (9.5%) for 3 years certificate of deposit K and (9.125%) for 5 years certificate of deposit to the charity fields every 3 months.

Ongoing charity certificates 3 years 9.50%
5 years 7%

– The holder of the certificate may enjoy other borrowing benefits or obtaining a credit cards up to 80% of the certificate of deposit amount