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Physician Requirements Finance

– A program that grants you the required finance to furnish and purchase medical devices. The purchase of the clinic may be also financed.

– Finance within the limits of 75% of the value of the clinic or the devices whose purchase is requested.

– Regarding the purchase of medical devices and equipment, the settlement is over 5 years and in case of transferring the salary of the physician the settlement period may reach 7 years.

– Regarding the purpose of purchasing an administrative unit to exploit it as a clinic, the customer may enjoy the benefit prescribed to the customers of the bank by virtue of the real estate finance pertaining to settlement within a period of 10 years.

– The program offers the benefit of enjoying a grace period that does not exceed one year as of the date of disbursing the finance, during which only the interests are settled.

– Apart from finance obtainment service, the customer is free to select the obtainment of a master card or premium card and enjoy the financing benefits provided by such cards. In such case, the program’s customer is exempted from the card issuance charges for the first time only.


Required documents :

1. Quotation for the devices whose purchase is required authenticated by the supplying company.

2. National no. card

3. Gas, electricity or telephone receipt.

4. Residence property or lease contract.

5. Authenticated statement of salary particulars.

6. Approval to transfer the salary, pension or installment in case the bank requests the foregoing.


– Regarding businessmen or holders of free professions:

1. Commercial Register.

2. Certificate of income from the chartered accountant.

3. Whatever attests the tax position.