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Real Estate Financing Program

The real estate finance system at the Housing & Development Bank guarantees to you purchasing, finishing, building or restoring your unit (residential, administrative, commercial or touristic) at the lowest prices; guaranteed from the legal and engineering aspects.

– The value of finance amounts up to 80% of the total value of the unit (reaches 60% in case of financing touristic units and units purchased by foreigners).

– The price of the unit is determined by real estate appraisers.

– The finance is granted by the collateral of the unit’s mortgage.

Discount rate of 40% of the monthly income of the customer.

– The installments term amounts to 20 years.

– The bank has a team of specialists in the field of legal and engineering affairs; the matter that guarantees to you the accuracy and promptness of finalizing all procedure for obtaining the loan.

Only residential units could be financed within the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt to promote real estate finance.

– Documents for unit whose finance is requested :

1. Unit contract, allocation contract and the real estate license.

2. Estimate of the assessed works.

(Additional documents may be requested to ascertain the property of the units, subject matter of the finance).

Customer’s documents :

1. National no. card

2. Recent utilities receipt (gas/electricity/

telephone) or residence (property/lease) contract.

3. Statement of the income particulars authenticated by work entity.

4. Approval to transfer the salary, pension or installments in case the bank requests the foregoing.

– Regarding businessmen or holders of free

professions :

1. Recent extract of the Commercial Register.

2. Copy of the Tax Card.

3. Bank account statement for a period of 6 months.

4. Certificate of the tax and social insurance position.

5. Certificate of income from the chartered accountant (annual or monthly income)