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Small & Medium Enterprises Finance 

The bank provides its special program to finance the working capital (goods/raw materials and ores/export operations/commercial papers/contracts and contractor services finance) besides the investment finance program (financing the purchase of machinery & equipment/financing replacement & renovation works/financing fittings at head office of activity … etc.).

Regarding the finance or facilities settlement term (regarding the finance of the working capital), it shall not exceed one year. As for finance for investment purposes it is extended to five years.

Apart from the bank’s program, our bank provides the following different finance programs to its

customers :

– The finance program within the framework of the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt to finance small and micro enterprises at a rate of return of 5% (volume of sales from one million to less than EGP 50 million) except the commercial sector.

– The finance program within the framework of the initiative of the central bank of egypt to finance the enterprises with voume of sales from 50 million to 1 milliar EGP) at a rate of return 10% to finance the working capital turnover and purchasing of machinary and lines of production.

– Program of the Social Fund for Development at a rate of return that does not exceed 13% at the maximum of value of finance of EGP 5 million.

– The finance program within the framework of “Your Enterprise” Protocol signed with the Ministry of Local Development with the objective of providing temporary license for the activity

* Pursuant to the terms and guidelines of the initiatives issued by the Central Bank of Egypt.


Required documents :

1. Finance application indicating its objective.

2. Quotations for machinery, equipment and automobiles in case of their finance.

3. Company’s contract.

4. Activity head office substantiation.

5. Tax Card.

6. Recent Commercial Register.

7. Activity practice license

8. Valid National no. cards.

9. Statement of financial solvency and résumé of activity owner.

10. Authenticated enterprise feasibility study in case of recent activities.

11. Balance sheets and recent financial position.

12. Certificate of the tax and social insurance position from chartered accountant.