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Tawfeer Business

  • It is a saving cheque account , for that it combines the main features of both ( saving & current) accounts in to one ACCOUNT as :-
  • Issuing a check book
  • Competitive ascending interest rates on lowest remaining balance through month, credited to account on monthly basis

Interest rates:

5,000 LE : 10,000 LE 1%
10,001 LE : 100,000 LE 3.5%
100,001 LE : 1 million LE 4.5%
More than 1 million LE 5.5%
– Valid national ID

– Valid passport for Resident foreigners

ــ Recent utility bill (last 3 months) as (Electricity bill – water bill – landline telephone bill – gas bill)

– Work verification document

minimum amount for  Tawfeer business account opening 1000 Egyptian pounds In case of the balance falls below the minimum amount allowed, monthly expenses of 10 pounds per month will be obtained.
account opening fees 60 LE
annual fees 40 LE  per year on the due date of interest, or upon closing at any time during the year, whichever is sooner
Minimum amount to get interest rate 2000 LE