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Housing & Development Bank Three & Five Year Deposit Certificates (Fixed Return)   

  •  The term of the certificates is 3 years and 5 years according to the desire of the customer which applies as of the date of purchase; automatically renewable unless whatever attests the desire not to renew it is received from the customer.
  • The certificate is issued in the multiples of EGP 500/EGP 1000/EGP 5000/EGP 10000/EGP 50000/EGP 100000)
  • It could be purchased in the name of third party, in the name of more than one beneficiary and in the name of minors by the guardian. Certificate advantages :1. Enjoying a distinct periodic and fixed return.

    2. The possibility of borrowing or issuing credit cards by its collateral within the rate of 90% of its value.

    3. The return on the certificates is exempted from all taxes.

    – The return is calculated as of the date of purchase.

    – The return on the 3 Year Certificate is disbursed periodically every month/3 months.

    – The return on the 5 Year Certificate is disbursed periodically every month/3 months/6 months.

    – The customer is free to collect the return or credit it to his account or any saving account opened in his name at the bank.

    – The customer is entitled to redeem the value of the purchased certificates after the lapse of 6 months as of the date of purchase. In case of requesting the redemption after this period, the net redemption value of the certificate is extracted automatically by virtue of deducting a specific rate from the original rate of return pursuant to the actual period of the stay of the funds

Three Years Deposit Certificates

Three Years Deposit Certificates Individuals Monthly                 7.25%
Quarterly                7.50%

Five Years Deposit Certificates

Five Years Deposit Certificates


individuals Monthly              7%
Quarterly       7.125%
Semiannually   7.25%