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Tuition Fees Finance


- With the Housing & Development Bank you could obtain a loan to finance the tuition fees for all stages of education (school & university education and post graduate studies).

- The good is financed at the rate of 100% of its value.

- The installment term is 12 months.

- The maximum value of finance that may be granted is determined in light of the net income documentarily substantiated to the bank. The installment is calculated at the maximum of 35% of the monthly income after deducting taxes and insurances.


Required documents :


1. Submitting an enrollment certificate authenticated by the education entity indicating the annual fees required.

2. National no. card

3. Gas, electricity or telephone receipt

4. Residence lease or property contract

5. Authenticated statement of salary particulars

6. Approval to transfer the salary, pension or installment in case the bank requests the foregoing.


- Regarding businessmen or holders of free

professions :


1. Commercial Register.

2. Certificate of income from chartered accountant.

3. Whatever attests the tax position.