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Currency Buy Price Sell Price
USD 16.82 16.92
GBP 21.1811 21.5646
KWD 54.7018 55.6897
SAR 4.4111 4.5609
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3 Year Deposit Certificates


- The term of the certificate is 3 years; renewable.


- The currency of the certificate is the Egyptian pound.


- Certificates are issued in the multiples of EGP 500/1000/5000/10000/50000.


- An annual variable rate of return is calculated on the certificate, disbursed every quarter (quarterly return).


- The rate of return is determined on basis of the overnight deposit rate “Corridor” declared by the Central Bank plus a margin rate that is determined via the Asset-Liability Committee.


- The variable part of the rate is confined to the amendment introduced to the overnight deposit rate “Corridor” that applies automatically to the existing certificate; together with fixing the margin rate part throughout the term of the certificate. Any amendments endorsed by the Committee to the “Margin” only apply to new certificates and are renewed past the date of endorsing the amendments.


- The customer is entitled to redeem the value of the purchased certificate after the lapse of 6 months as of the date of purchase.


- Regarding the redemption of the certificate after this period (6 months) and before the original maturity date, the original rate of return is amended by reducing it by specific rates that agree with the actual period for depositing the funds; together with deducting what was disbursed by excess above the nominal value of the certificate. The same discount rates in force with regards to the 3 year fixed return deposit certificates shall apply.