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Exchange Rates
Currency Buy Price Sell Price
USD 16.56 16.66
GBP 20.6511 20.9999
KWD 53.8001 54.9387
SAR 4.3411 4.4799
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Breif about the product


-  This kind of product is competent to customers who dont prefer the much near return for their investments, nevertheless further prospected investments, for fulfillment of their future liabilities.


Accumulative Certificate of Deposit


-  Ten Years tenor certificate of deposits.

-  Annual interest rate of 9.6%, to be added cumulatively to its balance at the end of the 10 years.

-  May be issued in name of minors by guardianship of legally nominated person.

-  Certificate holders have a priority advantage for choosing his own unit from HDB mortgage projects, in case of holding a certificate of deposit amount of 50% of the apartment value.

-  Client can borrow or issue credit card up to 90% of the certificate amount

-  Certificate could be liquidated after 6 month from issuing date.