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Exchange Rates
Currency Buy Price Sell Price
KWD 55.0001 55.9683
AED 4.4811 4.6998
SAR 4.4311 4.5709
GBP 21.3009 21.6767
Interest Rates
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Certificates of Deposits with Accumulative Interest


  • 10 years term certificates

  • Suitable for customers who are interested in long term investment for future plans

  • Issued in 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 25000, 50000 and 100000 Egyptian pounds

  • Competitive interest rates are added to the outstanding balance of the certificate (cumulative interests).

  • The customer can purchase any number of certificates without limit.

  • He can purchase the certificates for the others and for more than one beneficiary. It is also permitted to purchase for children and adults under 21 years old by the father, the guardian or the mother as giveaway or donations.

  • The certificates interests are exempted from taxes without limits.

  • Can be used as a guarantee for loans or credit cards

  • The holder has a priority in buying HDB’s residentials units with value equal to the double value of the certificates.

  • The holder has the right to redeem the value of the certificate after 6 months from the purchasing date. In this case, the net redemption value of the certificate will be automatically calculated using a special formula.