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Tahya Misr Certificate


Dear customer : Tahya Misr Certificate gives you an opportunity to support and develop our country and maintain your savings.


- The term of the certificates is 3 years with quarterly return as of the date of purchase.

- The return is added every quarter to the account of Tahya Misr Donations Fund.

- The certificate is issued to individuals, juristic persons and residing foreigners.

- The possibility of donating the full value of the certificate (at the end of the term) to Tahya Misr Donations Fund.

- The certificate is issued in the multiples of EGP 500/EGP 1000/EGP 5000/EGP 10000/EGP 20000)

- It could be purchased in the name of third party, in the name of more than one beneficiary and in the name of minors by the guardian.


Certificate advantages :


1. Enjoying a distinct periodic and fixed return.

2. The possibility of borrowing or issuing credit cards by its collaterals within the rate of 90% of its value.

3. The return on the certificates is exempted from all taxes.


- The certificate holder enjoys tax exemption by the value of the annual return donated to the account of Tahya Misr Donations Fund.

- A gratitude letter is issued via Tahya Misr Fund to the holders of the certificate.

- The value of the certificate may be redeemed prematurely; i.e. at any time after the lapse of at least six months of the date of issuing the certificate after reducing the original return pursuant to the actual period of the stay of the funds.