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Pilgrimage & Minor Pilgrimage Saving Account


- The said accounts are opened at the minimum of EGP 1,000.00 (one thousand pounds).

- Opening such accounts is confined to natural persons (individuals) apart from juristic persons.

- Holders of such accounts are granted annual return equivalent to the return on 6 month term deposits -1%; calculated on the lowest balance per month and is disbursed or charged to the account twice every year (30 June & 31 Dec.).

- Regarding customers of pilgrimage & minor pilgrimage

saving accounts, the return may not be calculated on the account (if they desire so pursuant to their special religious beliefs).

- The holder of the account is entitled to perform the pilgrimage & minor pilgrimage rituals provided that the balance of the account would not drop below EGP 1,000.00 throughout the six months preceding the lottery draw process. The customer shall be entitled to take part in the draw by a number of chances equivalent to the multiplications of said amount.

- If the timings during which the draw was carried out do not suit the circumstances of the winning customer, he may assign the prize to another person that he determines. Moreover, the trip may be postponed to the immediate following season.

- If it was not possible to obtain a pilgrimage visa from travel companies, the customer is entitled to one of the following options :


1. Amend the pilgrimage trip into a minor pilgrimage trip; together with depositing the value difference in the customer’s account as indemnity for the customer winning the prize.

2. Postpone the trip to the following pilgrimage season, provided being successful in obtaining a pilgrimage visa from travel companies.


- Granting a special advantage to customers who do not desire to obtain credit returns on their accounts by raising the chances of taking part in the drawing processes by crediting the value of the assigned return to the original balance. This is done instantly only before the drawing process. This credit is not reckoned with as basis to increase the deposited funds.