Hajj & Omra Saving Account

Since we always pursue helping you achieve your ambitions, this account has been made to help facilitate your visit to the Holy Land among other benefits.

Open a pilgrimage & minor pilgrimage account starting at just 1,000 EGP, to enjoy your annual trip to the house of God in the most convenient way.

  • Exclusive for individuals only.
  • Enjoy an annual interest rate of (3.25%) calculated on your lowest balance per month and accredited to your account twice a year (30 June & 31 December).
  • Enjoy our variety of services if you want an uncharged Interest rate on your balance (per your request) (Within a value not exceeding to interest return).
  • Maximize your chances of winning our periodic draw for performing (Haij & Omra) by having a minimum balance in your account of 1000 EGP for at least 6 months. Increase your chances by having more balance in your account.
  • Have the freedom to assign another person or postpone to the next season If the periodic draw was not compatible to your personal circumstances.
  • In case you were unlucky at winning our periodic draw, you may make the trip at your own account, but with the added value of having good discounts that will be offered by top tier nominated companies, for our client's favor.
  • Valid national ID.
  • Valid passport for Resident foreigners.
  • Recent utility bill as proof of residence (Electricity bill - water bill - landline telephone bill - gas bill).
  • Work verification documents.
  • Tax card for self-employed.

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