Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy

One of the most important core values of the Housing and Development Bank is striving to have an effective role in supporting the community to achieve the goals of sustainable development represented in commitment to the principle of governance and social and environmental standards, and to support the sustainable management of all our daily business activities, focusing on the sustainable community role and not only the economic return.

The bank is keen to achieve comprehensive development in all of society’s sectors. This takes place through a strategy of social responsibility that is based on initiatives and programs with an effective impact supporting the neediest sectors such as the health and education sectors. This takes place besides areas that can have a significant impact, such as enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Raising the level of financial awareness of the communities we serve to achieve sustainable economic, social, and environmental growth.

Social Responsibility Activities:

Supporting the education sector:

HD Bank believes that the first step to achieve comprehensive social improvement and build a conscious generation capable of developing the society is the proper contribution to the development of the educational process. This takes place by participating in initiatives that aim to improve the educational environment for students and improving their skills. Here

The Bank has increased its efforts in supporting the healthcare sector through a series of effective contributions and initiatives that are aimed at creating a positive and sustainable impact for it is one of the most difficult concerns due to its direct impact on society.

  • 1- Contribute to several social initiatives to address COVID-19:
    • Equipped Egypt’s largest field hospital in collaboration with Al-Jazira Sports Club as a contribution to addressing coronavirus.
    • Joined an initiative to support the affected daily workers in cooperation with the Food Bank.
    • Participated in the initiative of the General Federation of Egyptian Banks to provide subsidies to individual workers only.
    • Established an independent fund to treat the infected workers with fixed-term contracts who do not have strong healthcare coverage as well as their families
    • Took precautionary measures to protect the bank’s employees from infection during the earliest period of the outbreak.
  • 2- Contributed to the total cost of building Magdi Yacoub Heart Hospital to equip an X-ray room and name it after the Housing and Development Bank.
  • 3- Supporting Ahl Masr Hospital for the treatment of burns patients to finance the construction of the inpatient department, which will be named the Housing and Development Bank.
  • 4- Financing Children's Cancer Hospital 57357.

Within the framework of the HD Bank's keenness to support entrepreneurship, small and micro enterprises, as well as its participation in achieving financial inclusion, development, and advancement of the society.

The bank took part in financing the national initiative "Nile Pioneers" launched by the Central Bank in 2019 in cooperation with Nile National University.

  • The initiative aims to adopt numerous innovators and entrepreneurs from different fields and provide them with a place as well as technical, marketing, legal and financial support.
    • To put forward innovative ideas and find technological solutions to develop different sectors..
    • Creating a promising national industry capable of competing in the national market to replace its imported counterpart, so that local industries can compete in new markets at the international level, creating new job opportunities for young people.
  • HD Bank contributed in financing the engineering business incubator that aims to develop the local building materials and construction materials for the industry sector, by sponsoring small and micro projects to achieve environmental sustainability, recycling, and preserving environmental and water resources.
  • The Bank supported a number of inspiring projects in the entrepreneurship field, the most important of which was the Naseej project. This enterprise aims to manufacture an engineering material to cover open surfaces without the need for many concrete columns through using recycled materials.
  • Given the success of the first cycle of the initiative, the bank participated in financing the second cycle in 2020 to achieve environmental sustainability, as the most important initiatives that would work to achieve sustainability in the environmental fields, water conservation, and hygiene were selected, through using environment-friendly and safely recycled materials.
  • The course started from the end of October 2020 and lasts for a whole year. It includes 9 projects that are still in the initial product design stage.
  • The Housing and Development Bank incubator gives top priority to projects that purify and reuse water in preparation for anticipated water scarcity in the coming years. Thus, it helped in incubating an initiative to treat water used for other purposes, such as agriculture and sewage works.

In HD Bank, we look forward to completing its journey in supporting start-ups and small, medium, and micro enterprises through many companies, for we believe in the significance of our bank's role as an active member of society.

The Bank gives the highest priority to supporting people with disabilities by providing care and accessibility for their special needs to facilitate their integration into society, whether it is:

  • In the field of education, here are examples of the Bank's contributions:
    • An inclusive education initiative for all.
    • Inclusive Schools Project for Rotary Clubs.
    • Equipping the resources and bathrooms qualified for the development of mobility.
  • Cooperating with the Right to Live Association to rehabilitate people with disabilities; providing a decent and productive life for them.

Encouraging environmental friendly behaviors by our employees, by raising awareness on the importance of preserving paper, water, electricity, and other consumables. These precautionary measures included the use of tools and devices that save water and electricity.

The Bank pays special attention to enhancing the level of financial culture for the communities we serve, as Housing and Development Bank is one of the first banking institutions that sought to spread the culture of Financial Inclusion for more than 20 years, by contributing to financial education for children and youth.

Housing and Development Bank believes in the important role of banks in supporting the small and medium enterprises sector due to its importance in promoting the economy and improving the lives of individuals, eliminating unemployment and creating sources of livelihood for individuals belonging to different groups, hence, our Bank had a positive role in adopting a set of programs and initiatives to provide job opportunities for young people and support small and medium projects, handicrafts and support local industries.

Our Bank has not neglected its role in reviving and preserving heritage. Housing and Development Bank participated in the field of preserving and documenting heritage with initiatives aimed at preserving our cultural heritage from extinction, and working to revive it again.

Our Bank seeks to provide support to employees and strongly believes that empowering employees is a necessity to achieve the sustainability of performance. It also pays great attention to providing benefits to them, which ultimately leads to raising the level of employees' satisfaction and reducing labor turnover.

The Bank is always committed to the work values ​​and the rules of professional conduct with a commitment to fair and just treatment of all employees, non-discrimination of any kind, providing an appropriate and safe work environment, adhering to the highest level of professional conduct and work ethics, and encouraging social responsibility initiatives that depend on the participation of the Bank’s employees in it, with thought, time, effort, or money.

Participating in an initiative, in cooperation with Al-Riyadh Association, to aid 200 of the neediest brides.

Cooperating with the Yasmine Al-Samra Charitable Foundation for the care of patients with epidermolysis bullous.

Endorsing the Friends of Heliopolis Association for the care of orphans to cover part of the educational expenses for these children.

Supporting the Al-Masry Al-Aseel Association to fund a project to integrate literacy into women's craft workshops. This project comes is in line with the Bank's policy in achieving sustainability and economic empowerment, as it aims to provide job opportunities for these women and empower them economically and socially by linking literacy to learning handicrafts. This aims to provide them with job opportunities and give marketing chances for their products.

Contributing to the Heritage Crafts Revival Initiative in cooperation with the Mezala Foundation for Community Development by financing the first phase of the handicraft and heritage development project. Besides, training 60 promising youth in the field of handicrafts to raise their incomes and hone their skills.

Backing the Real Estate Finance Documentation Office to enhance the level of government work to boost digitization of information and technological connectivity for government offices.

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