The salary transfer service by Housing and Development Bank offers advantages and profitable solutions for both the company as well as its employee. This is because it helps reduce the risks of money transfer and the associated costs. Besides, it provides the company’s employees with a package of banking programs that help raise their standard of living such as personal loans - car loans – Credit Cards – Deposits – Certificates ... etc.

To facilitate the process for the companies, HD Bank pays salaries electronically through the Corpay service that has many features that are specifically designed to suit all companies' needs, as it is characterized by the following

  • Speed.
  • Precision.
  • Safety.
  • Electronic transfer from the company's headquarters..
  • Debiting the company's account and crediting it to the employees' accounts instantly..
  • The possibility of transferring from the company's account to all bank accounts, be them at HD Bank or not

Advantages offered to the company:

  • 1) Minimizing the administrative burden on the company's financial department employees.
  • 2) Reducing the risks related to the handling of large amounts of money..
  • 3) Eliminating crowding within the company during payroll periods..
  • 4) Providing confidentiality for the values of salaries, incentives, and rewards..

HD Bank offers two services in salary transfer (salary accounts - payroll cards)

First: Payroll Accounts

  • Salaries are transferred to bank accounts for employees to benefit from the Premium Banking Program package, which allows the following:
  • 1. Transferring the salary to a savings account.
  • 2. Free account opening fees.
  • 3. Free ATM issuance fees.
  • 4. There is no minimum for calculating the return on the account.
  • 5. The interest is calculated day by day and added to the account on a monthly basis.
  • 6. Competitive interest rate on the account.

Benefits offered to company employees on accounts:

  • 1. The possibility of withdrawing the salary 24 hours a day, seven days a week, days off, and official holidays.
  • 2. The advantage of withdrawing without expenses to the HDB machines.
  • 3. Knowing the last (5) bank transactions made on the account and obtaining them printed with details on a paper receipt.
  • 4. The option of using the salaries’ ATM card in purchases from the shops.
  • 5. Free subscription to the internet banking service and the smart mobile wallet service.
  • 6. Special facilities for the company’s employees to obtain loans from our bank with a salary transfer guarantee at a special interest rate, including:
  • Personal-financing.
  • Purchasing of debts from other banks.
  • Financing the purchase of cars.
  • Financing the purchase of residential, administrative, commercial and summer units by the real estate financing system.

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