HDB.NET Internet Banking Services

بوصفك أحد عملائنا، ندرك في بنك التعمير والإسكان احتياجاتك، لذا صممنا هذه البطاقة بعناية لتكمل أسلوب حياتك وتمنحك التميز الذي تستحقه

HDB NET from Housing and Development Bank

Comprehensive online portal
Offers more than 50 banking services designed to fit your lifestyle

To login to HDB Net Click Here

HD Bank Internet Banking Services

HD Bank Internet Banking Services

HDB.NET benefits

Fund transfer outside and inside HDB

Open online new accounts (current and saving).

Open online certificate of deposit

Different cards management (debit cards – credit cards – prepaid cards) & stop or block different cards and view different cards statements.

Credit cards settlement.

Apply to Break certificate of deposit.

Different loan payments

Check account balances (Current, Saving) & customer position (loan, CDs & TDs).

Apply for a personal loan.

You can apply online for a credit card.

You can apply online for a debit card.

You can request a cheque book.

Pay ISKAN installments.

Transfer funds between own accounts inside HD Bank.

You can pay for personal loan installments.

Fawry Bill Payments Services.

Apply for a loan refinance.

We can inform our clients of multiple notifications within their internet banking, such as changing the password for your internet banking, and notifications regarding the status of your requests on our internet banking service HDB NET.

And much more services Offering customers a full suite of digital banking services ,

So login here HDB NET https://ebanking.hdb-egy.com/ebanking/#/

and try out a faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly digital banking experience.

To subscribe to HDB.NET:

Click Hereto download the online banking registration form
Then go to your branch to complete the registration for the online banking service

If you have any questions or comments regarding HDB Mobile Banking from Tameer Bank
And housing, please contact the customer service center on 19995
or Click Here To send an email to the following email HDbank.Digital@hdb-egy.com

Terms of Use:

Terms and conditions for using the Internet and mobile banking services of the Housing and Development Bank through the Internet and mobile phone

By signing the application for subscription to the service in the branch, the customer has the right to benefit from the use of the internet and mobile banking services through the internet and mobile phone provided by the Housing and Development Bank, in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below, as well as the terms, conditions, and conditions contained in the customer account opening form and request issuance Credit cards, as well as the terms of the banking products the customer subscribes to with the bank, remain valid and apply to all transactions, as well as to the customer’s relationship with the bank.

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