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بوصفك أحد عملائنا، ندرك في بنك التعمير والإسكان احتياجاتك، لذا صممنا هذه البطاقة بعناية لتكمل أسلوب حياتك وتمنحك التميز الذي تستحقه

Floosy Phone Wallet facilitates the following transactions for you:

paying off.

Money transfer.


Pay the bills.

Balance inquiry and payment date.

An introductory video about the Floosy Phone wallet and how to subscribe to it​​​​

smart wallet limits
  • Maximum Balance of Wallet = 100,000.
  • Max daily transaction on wallet = 30,000.
  • Max monthly transactions on wallet =100,000

To obtain the service, visit the nearest branch of the Housing and Development Bank and fill out the registration form

The required documents

An active mobile phone number, a valid national ID card.

FlossyPhone Registration Form

Click Here To download the registration form, where you can now view the registration form in the Floosy Phone service You can download the service registration form, fill in the required data, and go to the nearest branch of the Housing and Development Bank to subscribe to the service.

To download the Floosy Phone app

Google Play or Apple Store Download the Floosy Phone app from HDB from different stores

Apply now for the Floosy Phone Wallet

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