بوصفك أحد عملائنا، ندرك في بنك التعمير والإسكان احتياجاتك، لذا صممنا هذه البطاقة بعناية لتكمل أسلوب حياتك وتمنحك التميز الذي تستحقه

Become a member of our family

Be a part of our prestigious family and join us at HDB We possess the best talents and hire only the most qualified ones. Our selection procedures are concerned with qualifications, skills and experience, we We care and take care of our family and help them reach the highest levels of efficiency by striving for excellence in Providing banking, housing and real estate services to clients through the continuous development of our capital The good news and the provision of an outstanding level of services to achieve the needs of the bank's customers and the aspirations of the shareholders.

Share our dreams and be our partner in success

All our family members are working hard to support our ambitious vision of being among the top 10 commercial banks in the banking market. While working to maintain the current high operating efficiency, through their knowledge of many industries and building strong relationships with our customers.

Our professional conduct

We pride ourselves on having a positive work environment built on equality and our values ​​approach to ensure transparency for you and us.


We believe that credibility is the core of the banking business, which governs all our dealings with our customers and stakeholders to preserve the interests of our bank, its position and reputation.

Our Clients Our Partners:

We believe that understanding the current and future needs of customers and providing distinguished banking services to meet them professionally is the main focus of our business.


We always strive for excellence in our business in accordance with local and international standards in all areas of our activities, and we are committed to the comprehensive and continuous development of our bank to provide an outstanding service to the customer.

Team spirit:

We believe in working in a team spirit to achieve the vision and objectives of our bank and build distinguished working links and relationships while encouraging the spirit of constructive competition for employees.


We build all our relationships with others on respect, equal treatment, and maintaining dignity at all levels.

Sustainable Development:

We strive to be a responsible and effective member of our society to achieve the sustainable development goals represented in Commitment to the principle of governance and social and environmental standards, with a focus on the social role and not just the economic return.

Available jobs

To apply, send your CV to -:careers@hdb-egy.com

Job Title:- Corporate Governance Manager


To verify the implementation of the government principles and instructions issued by the competent
authority in this matter on the subsidiary and sister companies.


Bachelor Degree.


A minimum of 12 years of experience in the banking industry.

Experience in creating plans and programs, following up, and solving problems with possession of presentation skills.

Experienced in inspecting the pledging to government regulation.

Technical skills

Competent in updating governance Policies and the banking work systems,
which is related to the field of corporate governance with all the legal instructions that rule it.

Competent in executing up to bank manuals and awareness of the latest practices in the field of corporate governance.

Understands thoroughly the bank committee's term of code and ensure compliance with the regulations and laws.

The ability to analyze the bank's policies and procedures and their impact on bank operations.

Fluency in English and computer skills.

Job Title:- SME’s Relationship Officer. (Cairo – Minia – Al Mahala – Al Mansoura – Alexandria – Zagazig )


Responsible for achieving the targeted growth of the SME portfolio according to the planned targets through maintaining and preserving trusting relationships with SME clients including consistent application of a credit policy.

The ability to attract new customer SME clients.

The ability to maintain an excellent relationship with current clients.

Ensure high quality of services.


1 -3 years of relevant banking experience.

Credit course is a plus.

Strong analytical skills with attention to details.

SME’s certificate

Job Title:- SME’s Credit Analyst. ( Cairo – Sohag – Damietta – Ismaillia )

Assessment and monitoring of credit risk according to regulatory and internal risk policies on a portfolio of SME’s clients


3 years of relevant banking experience.

Credit course.

Strong analytical skills with attention to details.

Job Title:- SME’s Products and Non-Financial Services Manager.

Managing and developing SME’s products and non-financial services.


10 years of relevant banking experience.

Credit course/SME’s certificate.

Strong analytical skills with attention to details.

Job Title:- SME’s Performance Officer.

Developing and managing working tools that help in achieving the targeted growth of the SME portfolio.


1 years of relevant banking experience..

Credit course/SME’s certificate..

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