Business saving account

Open your Business saving account to enjoy the best advantages of both Saving and Current accounts.

  • Business saving accounts offered to individuals customers.
  • Minimum age for account opening eligibility is 21 years.
  • Available in local currency only.
  • Interest is calculated based on monthly lowest balance, Posting monthly.
  • Cheque-book eligibility after 3 months.
  • Debit card issuance free for first time.
  • Minimum opening balance: 1000 EGP
  • Minimum balance for interest: 5000 EGP
  • Payment frequency: Monthly
  • Valid national ID.
  • Valid passport for Resident foreigners.
  • Recent utility bill as proof of residence (Electricity bill - water bill - landline telephone bill - gas bill).
  • Work verification documents.
Tranches Return rates
Less than 5K 0%
5k: 10K 2%
10K: 100K 4.5%
100K: 500K 5.5%
More than 500K 6.5%

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