10 –year Accumulated CD

Save your finances for the longest period possible. Obtain an investment and capital protection with an accumulated interest rate for various investment periods suited for your needs.

  • An accumulative certificate of deposit with a 10-year tenor.
  • Have the option for your accumulated CD to be issued in name of minors by the guardianship of a legally nominated person.
  • Enjoy the priority of having to choose your own unit from HD Bank mortgage projects, in case of holding your certificate of the deposit amount of 50% of the apartment value.
  • Minimum Issuance balance: 1000 EGP and incremental of 1000
  • Secured facilities up to 80%.
  • The redemption is allowed after 6 months.
The Certificate Tenor is 10 years with an Interest Rate of 7%
Redemption Year Redemption Rate
Year 1 5%
Year 2 4,5%
Year 3 4%
Year 4 3,5%
Year 5 3%
Year 6 2,5%
Year 7 2%
Year 8 1,5%
Year 9 1%
Year 10 0,5%

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