Prepaid Return Term Deposits

Enjoy your return on the deposit as soon as it is locked with the branch without having to wait for its maturity!

  • Enjoy your prepaid value return is calculated in advance.
  • In the case of premature redemption, the value of what has been disbursed in excess is deducted by calculating the difference between the value of what has been disbursed in advance and what should have been disbursed in advance.
Time Frequency Interest Rate
Less than one month 0%
1 month 2.5%
3 Months 3%

6 Months


1 Year 4%

2 Years


3 Years


Guarantee the interest deposit paid in advance as below

Deposit Term Guarantee amount
more than a year 80% of the deposit amount
two years 75% of the deposit amount
3 years of the deposit amount is 65%

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